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About Jill Oddities

Artist Bio

Jill Oddities is a multimedia artist with a range of experience with painting mediums, textiles, ceramics and glass work. She attended Sheridan College in 2014 for Visual Creative Arts. After taking a break from her studies, she went back to Sheridan in 2018 to start the Bachelor’s of Craft and design majoring in Textiles. She is developing her brand called Live Odd, which hosts her handcrafted crocheted rabbits, bags, and house hold items with spooky creative flair. 

Jill has a fondness of the strange and bizarre and it has shaped her creations and philosophy. In many of her paintings she likes to question what it is that makes us human. 

She hopes to help people see a different side of things and spread empathy and awareness to people about social issues through her paintings. 

A current project of her's, is a weighted quilt that will be stitched together by embroidered quotes from personal and shared experiences of depression. She hopes the installation can explain visually what weight depression can have on people. 

She is an ambitious young emerging artist. Jill displays at local craft shows and conventions. She currently sells her works to private clients in the GTA.

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Some Insight

The Meaning of Art For Me


The Ideas, the Plans, Creation oh my!

It is so fun to work with a range of materials. Bringing an idea to life most often for me means thinking about what I want to say and how I want to say it. I will spend time looking up a variety of content related to my own concept, and think about the meaning of materials behind my project. It isn’t just about making something to make it. It’s about the story behind it as much as what I use and why.

Materials from glass to textiles, clay to metal, to paint and wax, I’ll play with the flexibility of these individuals and in turn make something special to me. I like to make a range of things from fabrics to tapestries or sewn product. My craft also includes paintings and sculpture/installations.

Through creation there are always road blocks, but being an artist is being a problem solver. Mixing up mood boards, image collages and gathering inspirations is what I use to help me along. 

As a caregiver I learned how to be patient with other people which in turn taught me how patient and forgiving to myself. Part of being an artist is getting over the road blocks and learning to work through the obstacles.

For My Paintings

I work mostly with acrylic paint for under-paintings, and usually water soluble oil paint over top, coated with a thick spray on resin to tie it together. I do like to experiment with styles and techniques, sometimes my paintings are fluid and you can see the strokes, other times I like to carefully blend, depending on my subject matter or my theme.  

I am a big fan of things that could be considered scary and of the horror/alternative genre. So some of my paintings are of demons and monsters, doing things like laundry or getting the groceries.  

I like to question boundaries and opinions of good and bad. And I like to paint things that speak to me emotionally or that are just fun. I enjoy creating mini comics of my monsters in action and spinning stories about what their lives would be like. Giving them personalities with humorous experiences.  


Artist Statement & Curriculum Vitae

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